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What we shout when you wake us up in the middle of the night?

Tony’s Chocolonely – a social enterprise – with the vision 100% slave free chocolate, not just our chocolate. No. All chocolate worldwide. Only when there is really no more slavery in the chocolate industry, we will have achieved our goal. Our mission is together we make 100% slave free the norm in chocolate. As a chocolate company, we lead by example and activate industry, politic , and consumers to bring about change.


Our roadmap towards 100% slave free chocolate:

  • Tony’s Chocolonely creates awareness
  • Tony’s Chocolonely leads by example
  • Tony’s Chocolonely inspires to act

We are crazy about chocolate, serious about people; five kind of people (our own team, the cocoa farmer, the consumer, the customer and the supplier). We understand the causes of slavery in the cocoa industry and we have a strong belief these can and have to be solved by the chocolate industry itself. So we show the chocolate industry it can be done and in a commercially successful and profitable manner. Achieving a significant share of the chocolate market in the USA is a critical step on our roadmap to slave-free chocolate. It will be serious hard work, but we will have fun along the way.


Our company values: Our company values are our compass and guide us when making choices.

outspoken, willful, entrepreneurial and makes you smile.

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